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TC Weekly Round Up 1 - Assumptions

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Raiden Buffed on August 3rd, 2021

Raiden supposedly received numerous adjustments to her kit mainly centered around her Burst. While this can generally be seen as an overall buff, how big of a buff it is for Raiden is currently unknown. This is due to uncertainties in the wording of her new Resolve scaling.

Recap before Adjustments

To recap what we knew before the adjustments:

  1. Pre-buff, we had the general idea that Raiden’s Resolve scaling was fully multiplicative with other forms of DMG%, to both her Initial Slash and Sword Normals. At level 10 Burst, this meant all Burst related damage was multiplied by 0.97% x Resolve Stack count.

  2. It was suggested that her Sword Normals were considered Normal/Charged ATK DMG instead of Burst DMG. This meant 4ESF did not work on her, nor did her own Burst DMG% buff from her Skill.

Post-Buff Assumptions

Post-buff, here are the assumptions that can be made:

  1. Resolve scaling has changed, now displaying a larger number of 7% as well as 0.87%.

  2. The most reasonable assumption is that the 7% affects her initial slash, then the 0.87% affects her Sword Normals.

  3. The less reasonable assumption is that she gains both a 7% DMG increase as well as a 0.87% ATK increase to all her Sword related attacks.

  4. We no longer know if her Resolve scaling is additive, multiplicative, or additive MVs.

  5. Due to how similar 0.87% is with the pre-buffed 0.97%, we can assume this number is intended to be multiplicative.

  6. An argument can be made that this is also intended to be additive MVs, however we have no leaks to suggest this.

  7. The nature of the 7% multiplier is concerning, due to how big of a multiplier it is.

  8. The most reasonable assumption is that 7% is additive MVs, meaning it just adds to the displayed Talent % value.

  9. Following this assumption means her pre-buffed and post-buffed numbers are nearly identical.

  10. While reasonable, it also means that Raiden didn’t really get buffed at all in terms of just Burst DMG. However, we do not know Mihoyo’s true intentions behind these adjustments in the first place.

  11. The second most reasonable assumption is that 7% is additive Burst DMG%, meaning it adds up to +420% to her DMG% stat.

  12. Following this assumption means that whatever is affected by this multiplier more than doubles in damage.

  13. If Mihoyo intended Raiden to be buffed, this would certainly be an option. Depending on which part of her Burst this affects, it could go from pretty reasonable to very strong.

  14. The least reasonable assumption is that 7% is multiplicative Burst DMG%.

  15. Following this assumption means that whatever is affected by this multiplier can quadruple in damage.

  16. Depending on which part of her Burst this affects, it can go from really strong to completely broken. This is the hopium assumption.


Overall, the TC team encourages players to keep their expectations in check as we wait for more info to confirm/deconfirm certain assumptions.

Raiden is already seeing a small overall buff from what we do “know,” such as her Skill Burst DMG% buff being raised alongside Raiden’s Burst cost being raised, allowing her to benefit from a large 27% Burst DMG% buff. Raiden can now benefit from the 4ESF set as well, which also increases her overall damage output.

Additionally, her Initial Slash Talent % has been raised slightly.

Even if the worst of our assumptions are true, Raiden will still be stronger than she was previously.

Stay tuned for more information! Visit our Discord to strike up an amazing theory discussion!

Keep on Raiden!


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