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Raiden's Pre-Release Weapon Rankings

Hello crafters! We've been busy and here's the pre-release version of our Raiden Shogun weapons ranking chart! This is one of the first promised deliverables on our Theorycrafting Roadmap and we are so excited to release it into the wild!

NOTE: These are still based on pre-release assumptions that we have been making so far, and they will be subject to change as new information becomes available.

One of the main things we found was that Raiden's best-in-slot artifact main-stat is highly dependent on the artifact sub-stats, weapon choice, and team composition. However, this isn't a make-or-break situation. As you can see:

  1. For most users, taking the goblet with the best rolled sub-stats will yield the best results, whether it be an ATK% or ELECTRO%.

  2. When it comes to sands, while ATK% may yield higher personal DPS for Raiden, using ER% sands may result in higher overall uptime if you're otherwise unable to cast Raiden's elemental burst every rotation.

TL;DR - !idp It depends.

Now, onto the charts! You'll see two charts there, one detailing what it weapon rankings look like with no ER investment, and another with ER% sands where applicable, to showcase how Energy Recharge sub-stat weapons fare if ER investment is needed for all other weapons.

Please read through the assumptions & parameters portion as well as the notes at the bottom. Thanks for reading! As always, we invite your feedback - please share your feedback with us on our Discord.

Keep on Raiden!


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