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Raiden Mains TC - Progress So Far

We have had a busy week at Theorycrafting in Raiden Mains. Here is what we have managed to achieve over the last week:

1. We launched our blog here last week! This was a huge achievement for us and a big step in bringing our best theorycrafting to you all, our community.
2. We made some major headway on our roadmap ahead of schedule: Pre-Release Weapon Ranking Guide was completed Pre-Release Constellation Guide was also completed
3. We added a custom Interactive Bot to our Discord server to help our community quickly get access to Baal-related data and FAQs .
4. We added a new Infographics section to help our community quickly access all of the work that we have been doing.
5. Not only did we make some daring assumptions in calculating Raiden's Resolve Mechanics, we also proved that we can respond to change quickly and released an update to our original piece within 24 hours of new information.

Most of all, we did all of this ahead of the Beta-end schedule that we set for ourselves. Last week, we stared at a mountain of work. This week, we have climbed up a significant portion and are looking to the summit.

NOTE: These are still based on pre-release assumptions and the data that we have available so far, and they will be subject to change as new information becomes available.

You'll see all of our changes reflected in the latest update roadmap here.

Thank you for being a part of our community! Stay tuned for more information! If you have any questions, come bother us on Discord to strike up an amazing theory discussion.

Keep on Raiden!


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