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Introducing a New Interactive Guide

Hey crafters! As a theorycrafting team that is hellbent on building the best for Baal, we wanted to make sure that we have a clear framework of sharing our information with you as well as push you to have thought-provoking and constructive discussions about Genshin Impact as well as the Narukami Oshogo.

In light of this and a few days of diligence, we are proud to announce a new interactive way for you to get your build stats for our Raiden Shogun, Baal and other characters that have shown some synergy towards her, on paper of course.

NOTE: These are still based on pre-release assumptions that we have been making so far, and they will be subject to change as new information becomes available.


You probably have some questions. If the following don't answer them, please reach out to us on our Discord.

How can I get access to this Interactive Guide?

It's really simple with the following steps:

  1. If you have not already, join our discord server, to access the bot.

  2. Head over to the #build-discussions channel.

  3. Simply, type in the commands and receive your suggestions.

What are the commands?

There are several commands that are currently available that you can access by typing in !help commands.

Here are the current available commands for quick reference.

  • !beidou - provides build information for the Lord of the Seas

  • !bennett - provides build information for a bad luck adventurer

  • !childe - provides build information for a part-time toy seller

  • !eula - provides build information for the undisputed Cryo Queen

  • !kazuha - provides build information for a runaway

  • !lisa - provides build information for the best librarian in the world

  • !resolve - provides information regarding Baal's Resolve mechanism

  • !roadmap - shows our current Theorycrafting Roadmap

  • !rosaria - provides build information for a dangerous Church Sister

  • !sucrose - provides build information for Albedo's Assistant

  • !venti - provides build information for the Anemo Archon

  • !weapons - provides a ranked list of Weapons for Raiden Shogun

  • !xiangling - provides build information for the best cook in Teyvat

  • !xingqiu - provides build information for a chivalric bookwork

  • !yoimiya - provides build information for the fireworks owner

  • !zhongli - provides build information for the Geo Archon

We also aren't all about work, so we have some fun and surprising commands too. Come try them out for yourself!

  • !booba

  • !idp

  • !shouldipull

  • !whichisbetter

What do the commands do?

The commands are a great way to quickly get information for the selection at hand.

For example, if you typed in !eula, then you'd receive a suggestion on how to build Eula including her weapon choices, artifacts, stat priority, talent priority as well as any notes and links to reference material!

As always, we pride ourselves on bringing the best theorycrafting for Baal and we hope that this next step in our roadmap will help us do just that!

Stay tuned for more information! Visit our Discord to strike up an amazing theory discussion!

Keep on Raiden!


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